The Gipsies

-Where did the gipsy people come from? The gipsies come from the India
-How many gypsies are there in the world?
No one knows exactly how many Gypsies there are, either in general or in Spain in particular
-How many gipsies are there in Spain?
Estimates of the Spanish Gypsy population range as low as 500,000 and as high as 700,000.
-What language do they speak in Spain?
speak a language known as Romany
-What do you think the gipsies are excluded from the society?
I think that we should not treat them badly, we must all be united, even if it is true that sometimes behave in a manner not usual with us, makes us think differently about them.
-Are social integrartion programmes necesary? Why?, Why not?
yes, because sometimes they do not behave well with the Spanish, they think they are everything, and that are most important, I think what they had to do was some laws are not met, they are punished.

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